Tuesday, May 21, 2019


The development of cognition and values.

Mask with closed eyes and images

Brain and Mind

Cognitive neuroscience demonstrates the link between brain and mind. Change in thought, emotion, or perception is associated with activation of neural networks. Change induced in the brain through chemicals, neurotransmitters, lesions,...

The Path to Will

Will may be connected with passion, but passion is not enough since passion may be blind. Passion is significant, but must be associated with disciplined practice. Passion alone will not create...

Why Will May Fail

A substantial neuro-physiological and neuro-psychological literature suggests that mind is so organized that at least two general systems organize thought and behavior. In my articles, the first of these systems I...


Food as Metaphor

I know the Corporate American Empire is disintegrating when a leading Republican candidate for president accuses the Federal Reserve of near treason while the...