Monday, February 18, 2019


Leland van den Daele's commentary on human development, health, psychology, and culture.

Roman Colar

Guild Psychology and the Secular Priesthood

Since the beginning of human history for the plurality of people, direction, purpose, meaning was given through faith and belief. Religion provided a scaffold that provided coherence to thought and action....
Election banner 2016

Open Letter to Donald Trump

I have never witnessed in my lifetime such a concerted effort on the part of media, public figures, academics, and even jurists to taint and destroy a fellow human being. You...
A photo shoot of frogs.

College Reunion Blues

My dear ever-loving Alma Mater, the University of Redacted, sent me at least three notices that the Class of 'XX would celebrate the XXth anniversary of their graduation. I doubt if...
Young lady with pocket watch.

Time’s How You Look at It

When I lived in New Hope, Pennsylvania, I had a next door neighbor who preferred to remain anonymous. Lindsey claimed her husband had been murdered by a conspiracy of unscrupulous investors...
dreamland world

American Psychological Association and Public Policy

Much that passes as “scientific” in psychology fails to meet basic criteria of truth. Amicus briefs, press releases, and news articles, promulgated to the public and to the members of the...


Fifty Ways to Kill Your Lover: “Good” Foods that Debilitate

As consumers of the great American cornucopia, we are told that some foods are good for us like fruits and vegetables. We are under...