Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Critical Theory

Critical Theory

My critical theory of human well-being requires a broad social cultural perspective. The shaping of current social beliefs, habits, and priorities is largely determined by the symbiotic association of four groups. The symbiosis benefits each class for its own purposes. Regulated professionals constitute the first group. Among these are attorneys, medical doctors, educators, psychologists, and allied professions. Government, its divisions, and bureaucracies constitute the second group. Corporations and large businesses comprise the third group. The energy sector, the military-security complex, the medical-pharmaceutical industry, technology companies, and their coordinating business organizations, public relations firms, lobbyists, and PACs are among its membership. Finally, the fourth class is a shadow elite with overlapping appointments on multiple boards of international corporations and who exercise influential control over finance and money. NGOs play a quasi-governmental role coordinating among these interests and making policy recommendations. The resulting recommendations, regulations, and policies emanating from these groups constrain and define the lifeworld, and the lifeworld is basic to human health and well-being. --lv

Star Trek Graffiti

Star Trek –Soft Facism

Since the 1960s, attitudes, behaviors, and values in mainstream media have undergone tectonic shifts, corresponding to changes in popular culture. Whether media leads or follows popular culture or whether these are...
Roman Colar

Guild Psychology and the Secular Priesthood

Since the beginning of human history for the plurality of people, direction, purpose, meaning was given through faith and belief. Religion provided a scaffold that provided coherence to thought and action....
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Two Approaches to Psychology

Boundary Conditions The nature of a science depends upon boundary conditions imposed to study the object of interest, so for example, cell biology establishes boundary conditions at the cell walls and cosmology,...

The World on Edge

The variables and forces that are influencing or determining the future direction of national and international politics, along with the practice of professions, with emphasis upon psychology, are presented. Plausible outcomes...

How Research Design Warps Understanding of Humanity

The predominant method and approach to research in psychology, social science, and medicine is taken from an agricultural statistical (Ag Stat) research model whose basic premises were formulated in the 1930s...
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Unintended Consequences

We are naive to believe that principle and rationality determine human conduct, and when properly educated, persons are accountable. We punish for conscious deception, fraud, and malicious intent. Otherwise by consensual...
dreamland world

American Psychological Association and Public Policy

Much that passes as “scientific” in psychology fails to meet basic criteria of truth. Amicus briefs, press releases, and news articles, promulgated to the public and to the members of the...
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Flies in the Ointment of American Culture

The basic frameworks of mental operations shape the core values of society. The basic frameworks are objective, subjective, and normative. Every culture adapts its values, philosophy, and practices to accentuate one...


Food as Metaphor

I know the Corporate American Empire is disintegrating when a leading Republican candidate for president accuses the Federal Reserve of near treason while the...