Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Human development

Human development

Child and Human Development are critically examined with observations and advice relevant to parents and policy makers. Prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal care for infants, the effects of nutrition, child care, and environment on children and adolescents, the quandaries of young adulthood, and maturity are reviewed from a multi-discipline, evolutionary perspective.

Mother and child

Some Guidelines for Infant Feeding During the First Year of Life

The best food for babies is mother’s milk. This wonderful food is specially designed for babies. Human milk contains immune protective factors, a balance of amino acids, not found in other...

Phases of Early Adulthood

Early Adulthood Phase One occurs with establishment of a job or career. A job or career impacts upon the subject’s definitions, frameworks, and working methods of adaptation. Lawyers, accountants, doctors, military and police...

The Enduring Effect of Home Economics Research

The “discipline” of Home Economics is a curiosity of American culture, a discipline, as American as apple pie –and like apple pie it occupies a hindmost position to more substantive food. Departments...

Maturity and Adaptation for the Post-Modern Adult

Like the branches of interconnecting trees in a forest, the adult mind is interwoven with ideas and associations. The mind's network is buttressed by behavior and habitat that support intention. The...

Got to Get Your Motion Quotient

After years existing in the happy land of child development theory, as new parents, my wife and I have had the opportunity to bridge theory with practice. As an aside, we...