Tuesday, May 21, 2019


How the world works sort of.

Limits of Binary and Zero-sum Mindset

The binary framework has deep roots in Western culture. The binary framework applies to systems defined by restricted logics such as board games and to science and digital applications, such as...

The World on Edge

The variables and forces that are influencing or determining the future direction of national and international politics, along with the practice of professions, with emphasis upon psychology, are presented. Plausible outcomes...

US Foreign Policy: A Brief Outline

The Roman formula for governance was "bread and circuses". The modern equivalent is "Walmart, online shopping, media, the NFL, and threats to well-being." Fear that promoted docility was no doubt present...


The Enduring Effect of Home Economics Research

The “discipline” of Home Economics is a curiosity of American culture, a discipline, as American as apple pie –and like apple pie it occupies...