Is anything real?


I do not know what goes on in the corridors of Davos or the contents of confidential projects funded by corporations and government entities, I am only a bystander who observes dubious research and pontificated guidelines promulgated by experts and agencies. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I cannot see behind the screen to see who or what is manipulating the strings. What I am witnessing is what appears the programed deconstruction of gender roles, family structure, the loosening of community, and the rise of government/corporate oversight of mandated medical treatments, education, workplace regulations, police presence, surveillance, and speech.

Perhaps these changes are an inevitable consequence of the growth of government bureaucracies and corporate consolidations, the mushrooming of non-governmental organizations and foundations, the suzerainty of educational empires that have accumulated vast wealth and influence, and the decline of manufacturing, farming, and mundane tasks such as gardening, cooking, sewing, maintaining, and repairing. Jobs have been outsourced or migrated from tasks and objectives that can be seen, touched, and tasted to intangible services –services that involve government and bureaucratic regulation, loans and savings, licenses and certifications, sales and advertising, programming, engineering, and data. More and more, the world of everyday experience has migrated from actions and consequences coupled to immediate reality to actions and consequences based upon rules and customs subject to revision and interpretation. Electronic media, games and simulations, computers and mobile phones, mesmerize the population. People live more and more in a dream world or world of signs, symbols, and abstractions with little or no relation to constraints inherent in the natural order. No wonder people can be led to believe anything and even doubt their sex.