Open Letter to Donald Trump

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A strongly contested election

I have never witnessed in my lifetime such a concerted effort on the part of media, public figures, academics, and even jurists to taint and destroy a fellow human being. You were alternatively portrayed as a clown, lunatic, imbecile, an embodiment of evil –worse than Saddam Hussein. I find detestable that the media still besmirches your character after the people of the United States have spoken.You have enormous personal stamina. I pray that you will hold up under these attacks and remain serene in your heart.

Let me say where I am coming from. I believe you have what it takes to set the country on a healthier path. The agenda items that I recommend are taken from the “Green” playbook. Don’t let that bother you –Greens, Libertarians, and Conservative Republicans have much in common: The common denominator is faith in individuals to make their own life and pursue their own dreams. To do this, the rights enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution must be reemphasized and invigorated.

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The light of freedom

Our civil society has been deeply eroded by decades of top-down, ideologically driven government. Since the late 1960s, college students have been inundated with propaganda that has undermined civil society. In high-minded words, the seeds of hatred and distrust were sown between genders, races, rich and poor. In the name of gender, race, and “diversity”, social science academics preach an “us and them” gospel and systematically undermine the basics of civil society.

At too many institutions, both public and private, traditional and non-traditional academic departments promote courses, curricula, and programs devoted to division. Instructors unabashedly demean and humiliate those who embrace traditional roles and values. The humanities and particularly the social sciences have been coopted to serve special interests –gender-based, race-based, and preference-based political agendas. White males are scapegoated for historical and social ills, disappointments, and short-comings. White women are given a “pass” because of gender. This one-note message is formulated in terms of “victim and perpetrator”. This is the simplistic formula academics employ to turn academic institutions into ideological factories. These factories, in turn, produce clones, all in the name of “raising consciousness”. Few persons who pass through the system escape the brain-washing.

For millennia, humans have been ruled by systems of control that vested power in kings and nobles, tribal leaders and war lords, popes and mullahs. The appeal of hierarchy is group think, security of position, and predictability. Subservience to vested systems of belief that control and direct human thought and choice is the historical rule, not the exception. The American revolution, inspired by the philosophical and cultural revolution of the Enlightenment, was a radical break from subservience to hierarchy and still deeply ingrained in American consciousness.

The conditioning to politically correct thought and speech promoted by colleges and universities is antithetical to freedom of thought and speech and diametrically opposed to the founding principles of the American revolution. Genuine education is not ideological conditioning. In accord with its Latin root “educere”, genuine education brings forth what is within the individual. Genuine education is premised upon deep respect for the person. It does not demean, humiliate, or privilege superiority. Genuine education promotes expression in a context of investigation, dialog, and appraisal. Genuine education promotes reflection upon the thoughts and perspectives of self and other. Genuine education gives birth to critical thinking and genuine discourse in the commons. Genuine education only can occur in a context of civility. It is a sine qua non of democracy and the democratic vision.

As ideology has come to dominate the humanities and social sciences, it has come to dominate the Democratic Party and the Federal government. Colleges, government, and bureaucracy have established a mutually reinforcing hegemony. Mandates are handed-down from the Federal government to determine educational content and practice to condition behavior, values, and beliefs. The minions of academia, the professional class, provide justification and ever new proposals for the expansion of control. Freedom of expression has been curtailed and civility has been lost. The social sciences have forged the way to statist control, and statist control is another name for fascism.

While some academics and politicians proclaim that the sanctions and restrictions that they would impose are democratic, they reveal their lack of faith in humanity. The emphasis should not be on some approved set of beliefs, but on the core values of a democratic republic: respect, forbearance, and dialog. The churlish behavior of the press and media to your nomination and election, the vagrants and youth rioting in the streets, the arrogance of the professional class, the ambiguous concession of a defeated politician reflect a common fascist core, “my way or the high way.”

The arrogance of those who believe that they “know best for everybody” is not easily relinquished for “knowing best” is what bequeaths power to position. Ideology gives coherence to an empty self. Ideology is personal. Therefore, the task that you have taken on has been met with strongly emotional and irrational response.

I pray that you will sustain the promise to return constitutional rights, allow latitude to states within constitutional guidelines, and move the Federal government to that intended by the Founding Fathers. I pray for your health, well-being, and strength in the face of the forces that have been aligned against you.

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump